Goodbye 2008

December 31, 2008 at 11:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

2008 was a good year. I’ve run farther than 2007 but also a lot slower. I guess Arthur Lydiard was right, you can cover a lot more ground by running slower. What are my lessons learned from 2008.

10% rule – I suffered ITB injury in April because of excessive mileage increases in the 1st quarter. In 2009 Iwill try to stick to 50-60 kilometers a week unless I decide to run a Marathon.

Speedwork – I started running speedwork with Rio and Nike in November. I should have some quality workouts whether its a fartlek, tempo or interval at least once a week.

Cross Train РSwim and bike workouts helped me mantain fitness while I was recovering from my ITB injury. It would help to continue  with 2 sessions a week in 2009.

Weights and Core workouts – They truly improve fitness and I should have at least two sessions a week as well.

Running with Tiffin РI run a lot slower when I run with her but it also helps to keep me in check. I do have a tendency to run faster than I should.

Stretching – The cold hard truth is that runners have tight muscles. You name it, hamstrings, calves…. They all need to be supple and elastic for epak performance. Stretch stretch and stretch.

In 2008 I ran a sub 46 minute 10K and a sub 1:50 half marathon and one podium finish where I won a rice cooker. Hopefully in 2009 I will run a bit faster and maybe do an Olympic distance triathlon.

Happy New year.


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