Mileage and Injuries

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A picture paints a thousand words but in this case a graph will do. We have all heard of the 10% rule and yet many of us ignore it.

In the last two year I have been injured during summer. I had the runners knee in May 2007 and in April 2008. It all boils down to my overzealousness in meeting my new year’s resolution.


In March 2007 I doubled my mileage from less than 100K to over 200k. I struggled to maintain my mileage in April 2007 and in May I totally stopped running except for 1 race whose registration I could not cancel.

You would have thought that I had learned my lesson. In 2008 I again doubled my mileage in the first quarter. By April 2008 I had ITB and runners knee and I was once again running hurt. I was able to enjoy three months of high mileage by diligently practicing the hard/easy philosphy. Alternating hard and easy days but it only delayed the inevitable. A sudden increase in mileage will result in injuries for most of us.

The rest of 2008 I have been more moderate in my training and it has paid off with more consistent performance and very little time off. I intend to keep track of my mileage and hopefully I won’t suffer any injuries in the summer of 2009.

Remember the 10% rule and let’s not abuse our bodies. The numbers don’t lie. Our body needs time to recover. Long distance training is nothing more than the GRADUAL adaptation of our body to the stress experienced in long distance running. Gradual is the most important word. Maybe 20% increase is okay but listen to your body

See you at the starting line and hopefully not at the Physio table.

Cool Running

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Images of Jamaican sprinters pushing the snow sleds come to mind when I read the title. The last few weeks runners in Manila were treated to cool running. Running at 18-19 degrees Centigrade is a real treat for tropical runners. It is the only time of the year that I have trouble breaking a sweat. It’s the only time of the year that I insist on warming up before my long run.

Early January should be peak marathon season in Manila. Weather wise it is the best time to hold a marathon. It would be conducive for breaking PRs. I would certainly welcome a marathon in January. However putting in the mileage during Christmas season would be a challenge. But everything comes with a price. Racing in January only means training through the Christmas season.

Too bad our cool running season is short and fleeting. I could get used to running in such mild weather.

See you at the starting line.


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Yes, you benchmark against other runners and please don’t deny it. Some are polite and other are more agressive asking and comparing run times during practice, at the finish line or even in any casual conversation.

People usually benchmark against the fastest runner in their club or barkada. In our informal running club we have people known as the “Target ng Bayan”. Everyone in the club is gunning for them and some people hope to achieve the pinnacle of performance by becoming the new “Target ng Bayan”. Everyone Dreams of topping Ka T*t*y, J*ms or B*nch.

Another common practice for runners is to benchmark against well known running celebrities. How many times have you secretly stalked Baldrunner, Drew Arellano, Pia Cayetano or Tessa Prieto during a race secretly hoping to overtake them.

But obviously not all of us can target such fast runners so we all have our secret targets. It’s that person who runs just slightly faster than you. Finishing just ahead of you in every race. The person you look for at the staring line because you know his/her pace is just slightly faster than your pace. Someone to push you to the limit. Your own personal target.

Eh ikaw, sino target mo? Or maybe you are somebody’s target.

Keep on training because you never know who has put a bullseye on your back. They will be there stalking you and running beside you with their sweet innocent smiles hiding their true intentions.

See you at the starting line.

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