Serious, Fun and Cool races.

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There are serious races where runners train and chase PR’s or qualifying times. Milo comes to mind. Normal runners are off chasing that elusive sub 4 hour performance and a qualifying spot for the finals. Serious runners qualify and then compete to become the unofficial Marathon champion for the year.

Some races encourage costumes and people run dressed up like a fish or as an angel depending on the theme. You can count Drew Arellano’s Happy run, the Condura run and the Shake Rattle and Roll Halloween run in that category.

Some races are low key and fun like the Mommy Milkshake or Pinay in Action runs where participation is more important.

Some races are downright wacky with donut eating in between the run.

Some races are adventurous like the TNF and All Terrain runs where you need good off road shoes.

Some races are exclusive like the Punta Fuego run… Ahem members and invited guest only.

You have runs combining multiple events like jumping over pickups or even multisport events like Duathlons, Biathlons or Triathlons.

You have whole day events like the Bataan Death March, TNF 100k and the Botak 100k. I expect someone to finally organize a 24 hour race very soon.

But very few races achieve the coolness of this race. ==>Magayon Endurance Race

Picture by Yves Eli Yu

Picture by Yves Eli Yu

It is physically demanding and winning requires serious training. It is adventurous with its extreme river run. It requires multiple disciplines. It is artistic since you can win the best tube design. The downsteam tube ride is unique and fun. The last leg is unique and challenging.

Damn, don’t they have anything similar in Manila?

See you in the starting and don’t forget to bring your inner tube!



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In the eighties when the peso started to devalue like crazy it was difficult to find good running shoes. Most people had relatives in the US sending home or bringing home shoes as pasalubong. The other options was to go to Virra Mall or Cartimar to check out the latest imported running shoes available. But your choice was limited depending on the avilability of the size and the model you wanted.

Saucony started manufacturing shoes in the country and I remember buying a pair of the original JAZZ for 50 pesos at the Saucony running clinic conducted by Coach Ben Silva-Netto and Dean Aparico Mequi at the Ortigas commercial center.

On my first trip to the US I immediately went straight to the Nike outlet store and got a pair of Pegasus. I also visited some running specialty stores and I was in heaven. You had a choice of brand, model , size, width and even color. I still continue to visit running specialty and sports stores whenever I go to the US since the choice continues to be limited here. Most sports stores only had small sections dedicated to running. Basketball continues to be the sport of choice for most Filipinos. With the rising popularity of running, most runners secretly yearned for running specialty stores just like the what happened in Badminton.

Some of the bigger brands like Mizuno and Nike had specialty stores with their products. They had a wide array of sporting products offered by their respective brands.

ROX, an outdoor specialty store, opened in High Street. They offered goods mostly espousing the outdoor lifestyle. They even had popular trail running shoes available in their stores.

Well this year, we have finally gotten our wish. Second Wind a running specialty store opened in UP Village at Diliman. The owners were running enthusiasts who loved running. They brought in gait analysis by having a treadmill to take a pair of shoes for a test run. It was widely welcomed by the running community and became a focal point for running enthusiasts based in the north.

Welcome to RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street

Welcome to RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street

In High Street the RUNNR store finally opened and many people thought it would be just another running store. But this store had all the bells and whistles. Not only were all the major brands available but they also brought in new running brands like “Newton”, they were also offering some running items under their brand name like the RUNNR socks, they had all the latest equipment to fit the right shoe to the right foot like thermal scanning and video gait analysis, they offered service not offered anywhere else like the customized insoles. This is truly a world class store in terms of services and products.

Tiffin is in (running, shopping) heaven.

Tiffin is in (running, shopping) heaven.

For a runner it really is like being in heaven. I’ve never seen a store like this and I am happy that the Filipino consumers can avail of the services of the two new running stores in the Philippines.

I expect some other running stores to open not only in Metro Manila but also in Metro Cebu, Davao…… Like any running enthusiast, we look forward to going to running heaven when we visit our favourite shoe stores.

See you at the starting line or maybe see you at our local running heaven browsing for running stuff.

Running Ceboom

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People were complaining when some full marathons were postponed at the start of the year.

Some people like me even speculated that the best time to schedule a marathon in the country is on January when we usually have the coolest weather in the country.

Well Cebu is planning to have a full marathon on January 10,2010.

Check out the announcement at one of the popular Cebu sports blogs here.

I wish them all the best and hope they come up with the details of the race soon and maybe some of us can be there at the starting line.

See you at the starting line gyud!

65 Years of Bliss

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I recently attended a 65th wedding anniversary celebration. The more I think about it the greater my admiration of their celebration. We all think that 65 years is a long time. The priest was telling us that for a marriage to be succesful there are three ingredients; Fidelity, Sacrifice and Self Renunciation. All three can only be possible if you love each other. If you look at each one by itself you will feel that marriage is no fun. But if you love each other than Fidelity, Sacrifice or Self Renunciation are not so difficult. In fact love makes all three easy.

Running is pretty much the same. For you to improve in running you need all three as well.

Fidelity – If you do not run regularly then you will not improve. If you want to get better in running you have to do running specific training like…. running. If you are not faithful and you decide to stop running then you will lose running specific fitness. We faithfully run regularly because we love running.

Sacrifice – How many things have we sacrificed up to keep on running. We juggle schedules to make room for running. We continue running even when it is difficult and wait for our second wind. How many times have we limped through a run and ignoring the pain to complete our training schedule. We wearily trudge up hills to finish a race or to prepare for a hilly race. Yes we all sacrifice to get better. But we do it willingly because we love running.

Self Renunciation -We have renounced our old lives to keep on running. Smokers have given up the stick. Others have reduced drinking sessions to be in good shape to run the next day. People sleep early to train in the morning. Some people changed their fashion to accomodate their new lifestyle. Vacation plans are now based around running events. We have changed. But we do it willingly because we love running.

See you at the starting line. I know you will do this willingly because you love running.


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PAC APL Co. Pte. Ltd. invited Baldrunner to conduct a running clinic for the staff to encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lecture at the conference room

Lecture at the conference room

We know he is a busy man and so we are thankful that Sir Jovie was able to accomodate our request. Bald Runner team had the conducted the lecture last Friday July 10 and had the practical running session on Sunday July 11 at the parking lot of the Insular Life Corporate Center in Alabang.

The tips were well received and we had a great time with Team BR.

Thank you again to Team BR!!!! ( Sir Jovie, Coach Salazar, Cris & Elmer Sabal)

Elmer & Cri Sabal shows us how to stretch

Elmer & Cri Sabal shows us how to stretch

We don't employ child labor. She is my daughter!

We don't employ child labor. She is my daughter!

Some drills and striders

Some drills and striders

Time for a short run.

Time for a short run.

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!


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No pain, no gain. This was the slogan of masochistic runners. You should slug it out to the finish no matter how much pain you suffer.

One of the most common causes of pain which we should avoid are blisters! Blisters are a natural protection of the body. When we get burned or when there is too much friction the body responds by creating a protective layer of water.

In running, most blisters are due to friction between your feet, your socks and your shoes. Ill fitting shoes or new shoes that have not yet been broken in can also cause blister. If you are the youngest in a large (6 kids) middle class family struggling to pay their mortgage then you can expect to inherit a lot of old shoes from your siblings. Sometimes the shoe is still too big and you have to put some newspaper to make it fit. Sometimes they are too small and your toes are relieved whenever you take them out of the shoes. The small shoes tend to cause most of the blisters. Let’s just say I’ve had my share of blisters.

But back to friction, picking the correct pair of socks is probably the best thing you can do to avoid blisters. There are an assortment of socks with sweat wicking properties that should help keep your feet dry. Coolmax, drymax…. Pure cotton socks which absorb and retain moisture are the least recommended.

Changing your socks or shoes when they are wet is also highly recommended. This is why many ultra runners have extra pairs of shoes and socks at the selected aid points in a course. This allows them to run with dry and clean shoes/socks at the later stages of the race.

Dirty, muddy shoes are prone to blisters.

Dirty, muddy shoes are prone to blisters.

I have seen marathoners aply lubricants to their feet to reduce the friction during a race. I have personally not done this but I hear it works.Vaseline or bodyglide are the usual lubricants used by runners. Please try this in practice runs and don’t experiemnt during a race.

Keeping your feet dry by applying talcum powder before a race also helps. It also reduces foot odor. (Hehehehe)

If sand or little rocks enter your shoe during a race then I recommend you stop and remove the dirt. The time you lose in removing the dirt is well worth it.

What do you do when you do get a blister? You remove your socks and have that painful tingling feeling in your foot. You see a big round blister full of water. Do you or do you not pop your blister? I usually pop my blister when I get home. Medical journals do not recommend popping a blister since it is more prone to infections.

How do you pop your blister. If you have a spouse or sibling who is a doctor/nurse then you beg or bribe them to pop the blister. But since I am not so lucky I do it myself. I clean my hands and foot and get a clean sewing needle with no rust. I create a small hole at the base of th blister and gently push out and drain the water. I clean the area with alcohol and cover it with a bandage if there is a possibility that dirt can enter into the blister.

That is my self remedy for small blisters and it allows me to to run the next day. But if you are not sure I recommend you have the blister checked and treated by a doctor instead.

If your blister has already burst and there is an open wound then you really have to get it cleaned , bandaged and you should take the rest of the week off till your wound heals.

See you at the starting line.


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Proud Pinoys at the Singapore Marathon

Proud Pinoys at the Singapore Marathon

Running has certainly been booming. I really don’t know why it has suddenly become fashionable to be seen running and training. Bull runner and other running bloggers wrote much earlier and proclaimed running as the latest fad replacing badminton. But there is nothing like running articles appearing in the famous news columns of non-runners.

I just saw Maurice Arcache’s social column with an article about Milo Marathon. It has also become news worthy enough to publish the names of the Filipinos running in the New York Marathon. You can get the list in the popular business gossip column of Victor Agustin.

Palanggas, we need to come up with some tips for the fashionistas. Anything goes in terms of running outfits. In fact tiny shorts are perfectly fine as long as your butt is not hanging out. Long basketball shorts are also acceptable especially if you are a basketball player. Cotton shirts, Technical running shirts, tank tops and even your alma maters basketball jersey is fine for running. But there are some unwritten rules.

Tiffin with the Sea Princess

Tiffin with the Sea Princess

1) Do not wear thin white shorts in rainy season. Unless you really want to show your stuff.

2) It is not cool to copy the running outfit of Tess Prieto Valdez. Come up with your own style. There is only one Sea Princess.

3) It is not cool to wear a running club’s shirt when you are not a member of that club. Unless they make you an honorary member.

4) It is not cool to have loose baggy fitting compression shorts.

5) Don’t run with a mask, people might think you are fleeing a crime scene.

6) Don’t run with an earpiece when you don’t have an I-pod.

7) Don’t run naked! If we want to see naked people we will go to the internet.

8 ) Don’t run with your running shades at night.

If you have anymore tips please share them with us.

See you at the starting line Dahhhlings!

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