The Sweet Spot

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In tennis or golf, it is hitting the sweet spot. You swing your racket or club and hit the ball perfectly and the feeling that reverberates from your hands, arms, shoulders and through your whole body is ecstasy. Watching ball zoom with speed and power down the court or on to the fairway is what we want to experience over and over again. In your mind you are moving with the grace and power of Maria Sharapova or Tiger Woods.

In basketball it is the feeling of being in the zone. You hoist your jumpshot and you can feel the smooth stroke as the ball leaves your finger tips and you watch it arch up and drop right into the back of the net. It was a sure shot from the time it left your hand.

Running is the same. You get in the zone as you catch your 2nd wind and each stride seems to be smoother and you feel like a gazelle cutting through the wind with your lithe and well toned body. In your mind, you , imaginine that you are Haille Gebresellasie in the middle of a marathon leading the pack.

But it does not always start that way. You wake up in the morning and your quads or plantar fasciitis scream with pain. You look in the mirror to see a middle age person and as you step out the door each muscle painfully annnounces their objection to any plans for exercise. Inertia is a difficult foe which we fight everyday. Each step is met by painful protests from different muscle groups. I usually force myself to run for at least 10 minutes and then I stop to stretch. By then, I am slowly sweating and each push and pull of my stretching routine only makes the muscles hurt more. I rest a while and start my run again and behold I am running smoother and better. Warming up really does help and I slowly get in the zone. After 20-30 minutes I am powering away and I mentally picture myself running like a Kenyan. I got my second wind and I am thankful that I did not stop and get back into bed. I am thankful that I went out for a run and I am already mentally planning my run schedule for the next day.

Ahh the joys of running.

See you at the starting line!


Wacky Races!

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Stiletto run – Running with high heels is usually a recipe for disaster but some ladies seem to be well trained in the art of Stilleto running.

Waiters Race – The winner is a combination of the fastest time and the least amount of water spilled!

Santa Speedo Run – The run is for charity. It must be really cold because they have snow piles at the side. My wife would pay for the entry fee of Piolo, Ding Dong and Derek. I would probably pay the entry fee for Marimar, Angel and the Sex Bomb Girls.

Mud Run – They have awards for the Cleanest Runner, the Dirtiest Runner, Best costume, Best Entrance into the Mudpit, Best Perfromance in the mudpit…. Sign me up!

See you all at the starting line.

Happiest Place on Earth

December 3, 2009 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Running up the hills of Baguio

Disneyland claims to be the happiest place on earth but I am sure many runners will disagree.

The happiest place on earth is where we run!

It’s in the middle of a long run where we get into the rythm and catch our second wind. The pain brought about by the pounding of our feet fades away along with all our niggling aches. Running for another hour is no longer a chore or a task to be accomplished, it’s pure joy.

It’s the elation that we feel after we complete a hard interval run. We check the time and satisfaction settles into our spirit as we realize that we have overcome the pain, the burning sensation and hit our target times.

It’s the 10 minute mark of our morning run and we finally see the suns’s rays glowing and slowly peeping out of the horizon. the cool breeze breaks the quiet stillness of the morning. We know our body is slowly get charged for the nice easy run we are scheduled to complete.

It’s the post race breakfast banter at our favourite nooks where we renew friendships with fellow runners and celebrate life.

It’s the finish line where we cheer and get cheered as each runner crosses with their own stories of courage, friendship, endurance and sometimes even love.

It’s the starting line where we all eagerly wait to test our fitness level.

It’s where we run!

See you at the starting line.

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