Running Jargon for Beginners.

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Asics – anima sana in corpore sano. English translation = ” a sound mind will buy expensive shoes for a sound body”.

Bib – Race numbers worn by registered runners and coveted by bandits.

Cross Training – Training without running.

DNF – Did Not Finish. Mainly due to Injury or due to the Wall.

Easy run – Chika pace

Fartlek – Speed play with no clearly defined intervals. Very spontaneous like a… fart!

Gun time – Official time which everyone silently dispute.

Hydration – Lining up the portalet means you are properly hydrated.

Injury – most common excuse for not running.

Jogger – pre evolution stage of a runner.

Kilometer – 1,000 meters or total running distance required to burn half a donut!

LSD – Long Slow distance runs. Punishment for eating 10 donuts.

Marathon – 42.195 K otherwise known as the Full Mary. You can have a guilt free donut after a Full Mary.

New York – Most popular Full Mary in the universe

Overtraining – major cause of running injuries

PR – Personal record. (another major cause of running injuries)

Qualifying time (New York) – The time one needs to achieve so you don’t need to rely on the raffle of entry slots. Those who do not get a slot can wallow and eat donuts.

Reps – Repetitions (torturous training since you keep repeating it)

Stopwatch – masochistic tools of coaches. (Primarily used when doing reps)

Tempo – Fast hard running at a pace you can sustain without vomiting the donut you just ate.

Ultra – Longer than a marathon for runners who are crazier than most of us.

VO2 Max – Max volume of oxygen intake. The higher the better. Very similar to car engine displacement. 2.0 Liter with double overhead camshafts.

Wall – The point where all the glycogen in your body is depleted and your PR dreams are officially scr*wed. You should have eaten more donuts.

Xcountry – Off road racing or running. For runners who are either sick of running on asphalt or runners who were sold trail shoes.

Yasso 800 – Interval training for marathon by Bart Yasso.

Zero – Total recommended mileage when you are injured. Zero donuts also recommended when injured.

See you all at the starting line. i need to buy a donut


Fun on the Run

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Running with Nemo, 2009 Condura In the 1st quarter of 2009, I ran some of the best races of the year. It started with the Happy Run where i did pretty well. We ran as the frog and princess. Tiffin as the princess and wore a tiara and I had a frog cap. I also ran my fastest half marathon in the condura run where we run with Nemo on our head. I started most of my races behind and slowly caught up with the rest as i warmed up. There was no pressure and I had fun. Then, I started getting serious with my training. I got frustrated as work or an illness would somehow hinder my training. In fact, I got injured in December where I strained a musle and I took 10 days off before completing the Rizal day run.

In 2010, I want to bring back the fun. Fun on the Run is my official slogan for 2010. There will be days where I might be competitive but I will in most cases just run for fun. Life is short and we should all be as cheerful as possible and hopefully this will be contagious.

Having fun on the run. Globe 2009

I managed to have a lot of fun in my very first race of the year. It was the Cebu City marathon. Tiffin decided to do the 5k and hoped for a podium finish while I decided to run the 21K as training for Condura.

With a heavy heart, we left our kids in Manila. But with happy feet we arrived in Cebu the day before the race. We missed the Carbo Loading Party so I took Tiffin straight to the Harbour Lights restaurant in Ayala Center. I was craving for the Steam Fried Rice which was one of my favourite dishes when I was growing up in Cebu. The restaurant was full and busy compared to the other nearby outlets. After the Dimsum lunch, we headed off to Gelatissimo for some sorbet. I love their Lime Sorbet. (They opened one in GB5 so I don’t have to go to Cebu to satisfy my craving.) We spent the rest of the afternoon in Ayala Center and also attended mass there. We caught some Sinulog dancers strutting their stuff in the mall as well.

Before dinner, we went to the starting line to familiarize ourselves with the route and had dinner at Casa Verde at “The Walk”. This is Cebu’s version of Boni High Street since most of their races start and finish here. I had Tenderloin steak and Tiffin had a soup(French Onion Soup) and Sandwich(Club Sandwich) combo. The food and service were great and the price was even better.

The next day, we were getting dressed for the run when we heard the fireworks as the marathoners went on their way. We walked to the starting line and you could feel the festive atmosphere. I started out fast but by the time we got to the SRP, I took out my camera as the sun was already rising. I took shots of runners and managed to get some bystanders or race officials to my picture at the water stops and at key point in the course. I now have more pictures to add to my album.

With some Sinulog dancer cheeres in the Cebu City Marathon 2010

As I was having my post race massage at the finish line area, I found out that Tiffin got 10th place in the 5K. Like any proud husband, I got up and went straight to the stage to take snaps of Tiffin on podium.

See you at the starting line and remember to have fun when you run!

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