Denial, Acceptance, Understanding, Healing

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Low impact training, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Denial is the phase where we persist with the “no pain no gain attitude”. We look for examples of tough runners who persevere and succeed. We find reassurance in the masochistic world where pain is pleasure. We hobble along believing that we are not only improving our fitness but also our mental toughness. We continue to look at the date we encircled for our target race.

Acceptance is the phase where we finally realize that we are doing more bad than good by continuing our training. Our spouse, children and even peers finally break through the stubborn wall we have put up and we finally listen to their advice. Sometimes it is an authoritative 3rd party like a coach, masahista or maybe even our spiritual adviser who finally knocks some sense into us. In hindsight, we realize all the signs were there in plain sight but we conveniently ignored them. We finally erase the circle on the date of our target race and get ready to cheer instead of run.

Understanding is the phase where we consult a doctor, PT or even Runner’s World to finally know how and why this occurred. We realize the impact to our short term and long term health if we persisted.. We finally sit down, take stock and cancel all our training plans and set up a rehab schedule instead of a training schedule.

Healing is the phase where we finally start resting and setting up strengthening and stretching regimens to improve the weaknesses or imbalance in our body. We can finally encircle a date when we can resume regular running.

Yes, I am injured and when I see you at the starting line, I will be across the barrier with a camera on hand.

See you at the races or the gym !

Run Your Own Race And At Your Own Pace

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We run for many reasons. Some people start running to impress, to loss weight, to prove something, health, pride and many other reasons.

Most runners who continue to run year in and year out are those who run because they love to run. Those who love to run will do so at their own pace with nothing to prove because all they want to do is run.

I guess to those people it is not how fast you run. To them the essential part of running is to feel and experience running on a regular basis.

So run at your own pace and I hope to see you at the starting line not just next week but also in the next ten years.

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