Running in the Rain

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JIS Run, originally uploaded by m8parco.

One of the joys of running is conquering the elements. Running in the rain is one of the joys of running. The cool drops of water that wick away the heat is welcome in our tropical climate.

But there are a few things you may want to do to make sure it remains pleasant.

1) Wear a cap to keep the raindrops out of your eyes. People who wear eyeglasses will benefit from this the most. They don’t make windshield wipers for eyeglasses.

2) Since we live in the tropics I recommend running shoes that allow water to drain out. Water proof running shoes can be hot and the waterproof lining works both ways. It keeps water in, so if you step on a deep puddle or if water seeps in because of strong rain you are in for a sloshy run.

3) You may want to invest in some proper running sock that wick away the water. Purely cotton socks can be uncomfortable.

4) Always have extra set of clothes, shoes and socks so you can change and stay dry after the race. Most people forget to bring extra shoes of slippers.

My one and only 20K run was in the rain and the cool weather helped me race to a PR.

I hope you enjoy running in the rain and see you at the starting line.


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