Man Against Eagle

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Taman Safari 175, originally uploaded by m8parco.

This is my latest race report.

It was no contest. Flying is faster than running except for balloons.

Flying is more efficient because there is less contact with the ground and you can put more energy into moving forward.

When we run we loss some energy because we bounce up and down. The better runners bounce less and put more energy into moving forward.

I better stop analyzing why I lost to a bird. Flying is more efficient than runnning and I will never win against this bird.

See you all at the starting line.


King Of the Road Indonesia 2011

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King Of the Road Indonesia, originally uploaded by m8parco.

It was a great day, a sunny day perfect for racing. This was the first time we were going to run at Ancol. Ancol is a seaside amusement park at the north of Jakarta. We don’t usually go north because of the traffic so this was a treat. We expected big crowd because we were told that 3,000 people were registered to run. But it looked like a small crowd. The 16.8K race had no more than 150 people at the starting line. It was nice to run in a small race with a big budget. I can imagine the big field in KOTR Manila. The race felt familiar. The stage, the starting line, the banners, the people even looked like Pinoys, But it was a bit strange listening to the announcements in Bahasa.

The race started at 6:15. It was 15 minutes late because we had to wait for the Governor of Jakarta to arrive and give a short speech. Luckily it was a short speech.

The race was relatively well organized and runners started pulling away from me as I struggled to keep my pace at 5 minutes per kilometer. I decided to stop looking at the watch and run by feel. I wanted to run as fast as possible without building up too much lactic acid. But by the time we approached the 10 km mark I knew I was well off my target pace. I could not resist taking a peek and split was 53 minutes.

My training had gone from bad to worse but I was still hoping to run 5 minutes per kilometer. You can call me an optimist.

We had made it to the turnaround and I knew We were on our way back but I was already hurting. I struggled and walked every now and then the rest of the way. I would take a break at each water stop to drink and pour cold water on my head. Runners were passing me, girls, a guy with shades, a couple shuffling past me. It suddenly dawned on me that the 5K and 10K runners had merged with us. No wonder everyone was passing me.

I finally crossed the finish line in 1;29:00. Maybe next y ear I will do better. I slowly walked back to cheer Tiffin and to my surprised she was not too far away and she completed the run in 1:42:05.

Next race is the Stanchart Half Marathon at the end of October.

See you at the starting line.

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