Singapore Marathon

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Standard Charter Singapore Marathon 2011 043, originally uploaded by m8parco.

“Some people live their dreams
Some people live their lives
Some people’s destiny passes by”

Live your dreams, take those items off your bucket list.

Item 88. Run a marathon with your spouse.

Another one off my list.

See you at the starting line.

Shoe Sale

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shoesale, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Running shoes for $29-$59!!!! That’s a real bargain even if the Singapore Dollar is still strong.

It was the the day before the Singapore Marathon and we had to make a detour to stock up on our running shoes.

See you at the starting line.

Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta Running)

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Ragunan Zoo, originally uploaded by m8parco.

There a few good place to run in Jakarta. The best is at the zoo. Entrance fee is very affordable and there is a 5 km loop with little traffic if you start early. It is a popular place to train and the Jakarta Free Spirit running club has a weekly Saturday morning run for their members at the zoo. Later in the day the foot traffic can be unbearable as most of the general public start streaming in.

Once a year Jakarta Free Spirit organizes a 21k run in the zoo and many of the Jakarta based runners look forward to it. I believe it is the only half marathon in Jakarta. It is sponsored by Standard Charter bank and the winners gets free entry to the Singapore Marathon.

See you at the starting line.

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