About Mark’s V02

My Past, Present and Future running stories will reside in this Blog. My running Past will feature stories of before I broke my knee and the Present will be nothing more than the actualization of the Future I had in mind.

M8parco was an insecure teenage who found solace in running in the 80’s. He broke his knee, entered the corporate world and he has returned to running in the hope of finding the solution to that  mythical formula.             

      ^Max VO2 + ^Running e =  PR

Increasing the maximum oxygen delivery and running efficiency will result in a personal record. 

Endurance events are aerobic and the best long distance runners are those who are able to deliver the greatest amount of oxygen to the muscles (VO2 Max). Increasing VO2 Max is not enough. You need to pair that with  the efficient conversion of aerobic energy into forward motion otherwise known as running efficiency. (Its true, form does matter!)

That is my running nirvana!


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  1. ayos! welcome to blogging! excited kami may bago na naman ika-clog si bobby. yey! a new chatroom. hehe.

  2. Your formula should be ^Max VO2 + e + C = PR


    e = Running
    C = Chika
    PR = Personal Relations

    Running not only improves your health, but you win friends as well…


  3. Good day! I’m Kristel from The Philippine Online Chronicles (http://www.thepoc.net) and I’d like to invite you and your friends for a bloggers meet and greet called ‘POC Presents: Joy Rojas.’

    Get up close and personal with ultrarunner Joy Rojas and her Takbong Pangarap teammates, trainer/navigator Mateo Macabe and manager Chuck Crisanto on April 15, Wednesday at Fully Booked, The Fort in Taguig City. The meet and greet, sponsored by Philippine Online Chronicles, will be held from 6pm to 8pm at the bookstore’s Uview Theatre.

    The event will be hosted by noted bloggers Dine Racoma and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of filipinaimages.com, a website dedicated to reshaping the Filipina image online.

    Please check out the Takbong Pangarap Channel at POC and this news article for more event details.

    I apologize for putting this invitation up as a comment, I was not unable to find any contact details.

    Kristel – sorry but i was out of town. Good luck to Joy on the cross country run

  4. I enjoyed seeing Mikey’s new formula. 😀
    Madaming formula yan si Mikey!!!

  5. Great to see another fan of the Terra TC. I ran cross in H.S. and loved those shoes, I too had a desire to preserve them. I ended up trading them to a friend from Spain for a couple fantastic Tennis raquets…

    • I loved my Terra TC’s.

  6. hi Mark! i’m just a newbie runner! Nice formula btw! di ko alam yan ah. thanks!


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