Man Against Eagle

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Taman Safari 175, originally uploaded by m8parco.

This is my latest race report.

It was no contest. Flying is faster than running except for balloons.

Flying is more efficient because there is less contact with the ground and you can put more energy into moving forward.

When we run we loss some energy because we bounce up and down. The better runners bounce less and put more energy into moving forward.

I better stop analyzing why I lost to a bird. Flying is more efficient than runnning and I will never win against this bird.

See you all at the starting line.


King Of the Road Indonesia 2011

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King Of the Road Indonesia, originally uploaded by m8parco.

It was a great day, a sunny day perfect for racing. This was the first time we were going to run at Ancol. Ancol is a seaside amusement park at the north of Jakarta. We don’t usually go north because of the traffic so this was a treat. We expected big crowd because we were told that 3,000 people were registered to run. But it looked like a small crowd. The 16.8K race had no more than 150 people at the starting line. It was nice to run in a small race with a big budget. I can imagine the big field in KOTR Manila. The race felt familiar. The stage, the starting line, the banners, the people even looked like Pinoys, But it was a bit strange listening to the announcements in Bahasa.

The race started at 6:15. It was 15 minutes late because we had to wait for the Governor of Jakarta to arrive and give a short speech. Luckily it was a short speech.

The race was relatively well organized and runners started pulling away from me as I struggled to keep my pace at 5 minutes per kilometer. I decided to stop looking at the watch and run by feel. I wanted to run as fast as possible without building up too much lactic acid. But by the time we approached the 10 km mark I knew I was well off my target pace. I could not resist taking a peek and split was 53 minutes.

My training had gone from bad to worse but I was still hoping to run 5 minutes per kilometer. You can call me an optimist.

We had made it to the turnaround and I knew We were on our way back but I was already hurting. I struggled and walked every now and then the rest of the way. I would take a break at each water stop to drink and pour cold water on my head. Runners were passing me, girls, a guy with shades, a couple shuffling past me. It suddenly dawned on me that the 5K and 10K runners had merged with us. No wonder everyone was passing me.

I finally crossed the finish line in 1;29:00. Maybe next y ear I will do better. I slowly walked back to cheer Tiffin and to my surprised she was not too far away and she completed the run in 1:42:05.

Next race is the Stanchart Half Marathon at the end of October.

See you at the starting line.

Running in Circles

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Running in Circles, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles. No matter how hard I try I always end up in the same place. I usually end up building base and dreaming of taking my running to the next level.

It gets harder as you get older. The latest Christmas morning just seems to be cooler and my waistline a little bit bigger. But thoughts of the next Condura run keeps my running spirit burning with desire. Early morning plantar fascitiis sometimes makes the morning runs harder.

Lifes demands have also made me miss so many workouts. It takes longer for me to recover. I guess the stress and tension of a of everything else in life has taken its toll on me.

My running cycles have gotten shorter and my rest cycles have gotten longer.

But running always comes back like persistent suitor, no that is a bad example it is like an addiction and it is too painful to leave behind and forget.

So I will be there running and getting ready to race, getting ready to test myself, getting ready to prove that not only am I alive but that I am ready to face all the challenges that the race has to offer.

Life is not about sitting down, but life is about running a letting your spirit push the body to its limit.

See you all at the starting line.

Rave Run

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Rave Run, originally uploaded by m8parco.

A clean well lighted place… Actually a clean, traffic free and car free place is the perfect place to run.

This is one run we really enjoyed!

See you at the starting line.


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IMG_7101, originally uploaded by m8parco.

There are days when you need some motivation to do that long run, finish your interval session, stretch that tempo run or just plain wake up at 5:00 am to run.

I usually look at races to keep me going and stretching myself. Unfortunately there are very few races where I now live.

But I suggest you all go and reach for the finish line. Run your best and keep challenging yourself.

See you at the starting line.

Running in the Rain

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JIS Run, originally uploaded by m8parco.

One of the joys of running is conquering the elements. Running in the rain is one of the joys of running. The cool drops of water that wick away the heat is welcome in our tropical climate.

But there are a few things you may want to do to make sure it remains pleasant.

1) Wear a cap to keep the raindrops out of your eyes. People who wear eyeglasses will benefit from this the most. They don’t make windshield wipers for eyeglasses.

2) Since we live in the tropics I recommend running shoes that allow water to drain out. Water proof running shoes can be hot and the waterproof lining works both ways. It keeps water in, so if you step on a deep puddle or if water seeps in because of strong rain you are in for a sloshy run.

3) You may want to invest in some proper running sock that wick away the water. Purely cotton socks can be uncomfortable.

4) Always have extra set of clothes, shoes and socks so you can change and stay dry after the race. Most people forget to bring extra shoes of slippers.

My one and only 20K run was in the rain and the cool weather helped me race to a PR.

I hope you enjoy running in the rain and see you at the starting line.

May Their Tribe Increase

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May Their Tribe Increase, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Running has been become the new badminton and you see runners almost everywhere. But not all runners are the same. The success of running has spawned a multitude of new subspecies of runners. Here are some of them.

Ultra’s – No race is too long for the Ultra runners. The longer the better. No pain, no gain is not a motto. It is a mantra for this tribe. They are knowledgeable on the science of endurance. Fuel, diet, pace, equipment. They have emotional and physical scars from their past scrapes with glycogen depletion. Many from this tribe join the Multi athletes.

The Joneses – They started running after finding out the badminton was passé. They have the latest gadgets, newest apparel and the most expensive running shoes. In the past you could easily spot them since they wore the most expensive shoes even if this did not fit their running style. Second wind and Runnr are the best things that happened for this group. They need to keep up with the Joneses.

Chika – The loud and noisy runners. They run for fun and spend a lot of time talking and enjoying the race. There is no shame in walking for these runners. They usually run in groups and will wait for the slowest runner or walker in the group. They run on a dare or because they want to get that finishers medal or a cool shirt. Many of them move on to become Weekend Warriors.

Addicts – Some people just love to run. Races don’t matter. You will see this quirky group at anytime of the day. They don’t run to race, lose weight… when the running fad dies down they will still be running.

Hardcore – you will see this group at the start of the race mentally looking at potential competitors. They train hard and have specific target races where they expect to peak. The rookies in this group usually spend much of their time recovering from injuries. They tend to push themselves too hard. But they eventually learn and with their dark sunburnt skin, taut muscles and serious game faces you cannot miss them especially when they are up on the stage receiving their medals. Podium, podium, podium!!! You can also watch the finish line where they will pounce and sprint by unsuspecting runners as they collect the scalps of the people they beat to the line.

Multi sport – composed of mainly well heeled people (expensive gear) who can afford to buy the latest bicycles. They usually run and train using their trisuits. They usually wear tight aerodynamic jerseys so they easily transition from run to bike or run during training. They are very competitive in the runs but they usually regard most races as training. They put their game faces on when they compete in multi sport events.

Weekend Warriors – They spend most of the week under artificial light working to make a living. In theyweekend they transform into runners and try to spend as much time training or running. They can easily be spotted since they run in Luneta or Boni High street with their pale legs and relatively new shoes. They only get to use them in the weekends.

Blogger Runners – Runners who think they know it all. They write articles assuming that some people would read their articles. They frequently meet with organizers who are launching a new race. But it’s true the blogger runners know it all. They know all about the new races so read their blogs.

Gadget runners – This group cannot be seen without their, Ipods, heart rate monitors, pedometers, shades, compression shorts, water bottle carrier, Cho pats, armband with a handphone, headgear, reflective gear, running backpack with nutrition bars/gels, windbreaker… with all their stuff they can probably go and keep on running for 48 hours. Be careful when you run beside them because their gear sometimes falls and hit other runners.

This is pure fiction. Any similarity to a true people or events is incidental.

See you all at the starting line.

Jakarta Race Series 2011

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Jakarta Race Series 2011, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Finally we have something to look forward to this year. But 5K runs are usually short and painful affairs. We will try to enjoy the races.

The kids will join the shorter race.

See you all at the starting line.

JFS Half Marathon 7 Nov 2010

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JFS Half Marathon 7 Nov 2010, originally uploaded by m8parco.

Running is a very jealous mistress. You can feel her wrath when you ignore and stay away too long. That is exaclty what I felt in my latest half marathon. It was slow and painful affair and I am happy that I managed to complete the run.

I started out too fast and covered the first 6k in 30 minutes. It was all downhill from that point on. Even Tiffin was worried as she could clearly see that I was struggling. In the last 5k I decided to adopt the Galloway run walk run walk strategy in a desperate attempt to complete the race safely. I was counting the steps and when I finally saw the finish line it finally dawned on me that this painful race has finally come to an end.

It is good to be running again.

See you all at the starting line.


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Condura2010, originally uploaded by m8parco.

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

Paulo Coelho

Many people dream of running the marathon and some actually complete one. I did my very first marathon early this year at the Condura. I always knew I would one day run a marathon and I was waiting for the right one. In a way it was everything I imagined it to be. The cramps and pain at the last five kilometers was what I expected. The marathon humbles those who do not prepare properly. I was humbled, I was hurt but I made it.

I had dreamt of running the marathon after repeatedly watching the short Olympic clips of Abebe Bikila running the cobble stone streets of Rome as well as his grand entrance into the Olympic stadium in Tokyo . But I had turned my back on running the marathon for thirty years. I would run as far as a half marathon and I shut my mind on the possibility of running a marathon. Fear and pride but mainly fear kept me from entertaining any thoughts of running a marathon. Deep inside me was an ardent desire to run and complete a marathon. But early this year the universe conspired on me. All roads led to the starting line of the Condura marathon.

My training was going well. I had been running consistently for the last 2 years. I had my ups and my downs but I was finally running regularly and getting some long runs once a month. I was in pretty good shape for my age. I had lost a lot of the speed in my youth but I had made that up by running consistently. I was slow but consistent.

The schedule was perfect. I always told people that the best time to run a marathon in the Philippines was in the 1st two months of the year. The weather would be nice and cool with very little chance of inclement typhoon weather.

I knew the organizers were top notch. I ran the last two Condura races and I was confident that they would be able to put together a well organized race. The marathon was hard enough as it is and I did not want to worry about anything else.

I had hometown advantage. Running overseas is not only expensive but you miss all the little things you have at home. I can sleep in my own bed, I need not worry about all the other logistics issues which you face when running overseas.

Peer pressure brought about by the running boom in the country also helped push me to run. I had so many friends running the marathon. People were lining up to join marathons like lemmings in a mass migration. I too joined the bandwagon and I finally committed to run and slowly completed marathon and fulfilled one of my dreams.

One big thanks to the Universe and all who conspired to help me fulfill my dream.

See you all at the (marathon) starting line.

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